Hi! I'm Pieter Van der Elst. Webdesigner, -developer and a total badass.

What I do

3D Object - Tic-Tac box

3D Object

Design School

A real life object I had to fully recreate in Photoshop and Illustrator. The purpose was to make it seem real! Do you think it does?

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Logo proposal for Mechelen Kinderstad

Mechelen Kinderstad

Design School

Mechelen was looking for a new logo and house style for their in-house organisation which organises fun activities for kids.

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Scheidweer - a weather app for football referees and supporters


Design School

The assignment was to design a weather app for a target audience of choice. I chose football referees and supporters, and made this app to facilitate their football experience.

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Logo proposal for Mechelen Morgen

Mechelen Morgen

Design School

Mechelen continously works on creating a better Mechelen in different aspects, such as living and working. Mechelen Morgen needed a new logo/house, and this is my try.

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Brochure front page designs for Aan de monitor

Aan de monitor

Design School

This was a group project we had to complete. We had to come up with an original and - most importantly - easy way to communicatie about health care to low literated/illiterated persons. I occupied myself with the front pages of the brochures.

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Do or do not. There is no try.

This is me

Profile picture of Pieter Van der Elst Enjoy life! - Pieter

Hi! My name is Pieter Van der Elst, and I love to design and develop your web. I graduated cum laude as a Software Engineer in Leuven (at UC Leuven-Limburg, formerly known as KHLeuven). Right now, I'm an Interactive Multimedia Design (IMD) student @ Thomas More in Mechelen, Belgium. Why? Because I believe that I am more suited to be a webdesigner and -developer than I was to become a software engineer.

In short

  • Name: Pieter Van der Elst
  • Age: 20
  • Likes: Minimal design, being challenged, original ideas, my bowl of cereal in the morning. Also: sports!
  • Dislikes: the concept phase of a project, mornings

I love the smell of internet in the morning.

Mail me maybe?

If you're interested in working with me by now: yay! Contact me and I'll get back to you faster than I run a marathon!*

*Approximately 0 - 48 hours, I've never run one before so I'm not sure.


You only fail if you stop trying.